Black Girls Must Die Exhausted 2 - And Baby Makes Two [LIMITED PRESALE EXCLUSIVE]
Black Girls Must Die Exhausted 2 - And Baby Makes Two [LIMITED PRESALE EXCLUSIVE]

Black Girls Must Die Exhausted 2 - And Baby Makes Two [LIMITED PRESALE EXCLUSIVE]

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A unique and personalized opportunity to be the first to receive the physical version of the second installment of the widely-acclaimed BLACK GIRLS MUST DIE EXHAUSTED trilogy -- And Baby Makes Two.

Presale purchasers will receive an official author-numbered and signed copy of the physical book, which will ship on December 16th, 2019 -- nearly one week before the official commercial availability anywhere else.  The official commercial release date of Black Girls Must Die Exhausted: And Baby Makes Two is December 20th, 2019.

This is a special offer for Black Girls Must Die Exhausted fans to have a truly special collector's item that has been personalized by the author herself.  At the end of the presale window, there will be no further numbered copies offered. 

This is a limited quantity offer, limited to a maximum of 500 copies.  

What is And Baby Makes Two about?

This second installment of the celebrated BLACK GIRLS MUST DIE EXHAUSTED trilogy picks up where book one leaves off.  Protagonist Tabitha Walker is pregnant and believes she knows by whom.  But does she?  When Tabitha's pregnancy takes an unexpected turn, challenging tradition has never been harder.  Will her "happy ending" be the life she chooses or the life chosen for her?

Having found comfort in her natural appearance, Tabitha makes the courageous personal decision to wear her natural hair on-air.  But unexpected viewer complaints and a less-than-supportive news director force a reconsideration of her decision.  Will ratings pressure keep Tabitha from taking a stand?

Tabitha's best friends Alexis and Laila are both at crossroads in their own lives.  Laila has started her own business and continues her recovery from an unfortunate series of events.  Alexis is one foot in and one foot out of her marriage with her unfaithful husband Rob.  Even as he tries to reunite his family, Lexi must decide whether or not the new life she's discovered as a single woman is everything she'd been missing.  Can she ever trust Rob again?

Sometimes, the biggest fight of your life takes place on the smallest battlefield -- inside your own mind.

Tabitha Walker is the protagonist that we root for.  She doesn't always get it right, but in the face of all life's twists and turns, she always tries her best.  Join her as she grows through this next phase of life -- through pregnancy, single motherhood, and the balancing of family, friends and romance in the can't miss continuation of Black Girls Must Die Exhausted

This time, we learn - just what will a baby make Two do?